Application Process

For your information

Attention Students!! before you opt for Babcock University Off campus Residency option, here are a few information that may guide you:

1. We have a limited number for off campus approval so the screening process will be double-thorough

2. Make sure you have discussed "the off campus option" with your parents and guardian before applying.

3. All information supplied by applicants and guardians will be verified, therefore avoid falsifying pieces of information

4. Any form of falsification will be treated as a criminal offence and will be handled legally (see your student handbook)

5. Only enlisted candidates are elligble to appear on the interview day

6. You are to appear with the originals of your id card, clearances and Parental consent letter

7. Your Parent/Guardian are required to appear alongside you on the interview day

8. To fill out the  off campus application form, you will require a valid Babcock Student ID card

9. The University reserves the right to pay you a visit at your indicated resident address, so be ready!!

10. Extra year Students are not elligible to apply for off campus

11. Feel free to contact the office of Student Development for further enquiries


Read & Apply

Carefully read all information listed above concerning off campus application and then click on Load Form in order to apply. You can only fill the form once so make sure you have your documents ready

Load Form to Apply


Get your Date

The online application has been sectioned for easy use. Make sure all your sections are filled correctly. Upon a successful filling and submission of your form, your interview date will be generated immediately. So make sure you pen down the date shown after submission

Check here for dates


Check Final List

Every submission will be verified and hence not all applications will make it through to this stage. A final interview list containing elligible applicants will be published in  batches-1,2,3 and so on.  Only enlisted applicants will be attended to on each prescheduled interview date

Click to see final list

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